Saturday, April 4, 2015

Make a simple TiddlyWiki 'app' using Firefox

(Doing this in Cinnamon/i3wm, in Mint 17)
This will set up a dedicated app feel for TiddlyWiki. (and of course, this could be done for any web app, site, or offline stuff you want.
  1. Install Firefox
  2. Set up your TiddlyWiki
  3. Create a distinct Firefox profile
  4. Set up extensions: TiddlyFox and Toolbar Autohide
  5. Set your TiddlyWiki as the home page 
  6. Create a launcher/script to open your 'app'
    • (firefox -P tiddlywiki --no-remote /<path>/<tiddlyfile>.htm)

TiddlyWiki IS:
  • A PIM (Personal Information Manager)
  • A wiki
    • text formatting requires wiki markup similar to MediaWiki markup
  • An offline webpage
    • The TiddlyWiki is completely contained within a single html file
    • It is programmed in JavaScript


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