Thursday, May 19, 2016

Page-Specific Gadget Content

This is a feature idea for Google Blogger.

This feature would allow bloggers to display soft classes of information to blog readers on a per-page basis, via sidebar Gadgets like the "Text" and "Links" Gadgets. This would allow Blogger blogs to have a more dynamic feeling with minimal extra data and feature disruption.

The user would primarily interact with this feature while editing a Page.

When a user is editing a Page, there would be a heading called "Page-Specific Content" under "Page Settings".

When the heading is clicked, a list of Gadgets appears. These would be Gadgets that the user already chose in Layout mode. These would also be Gadgets altered to allow for page-specific content. (This would most notably be the "Text" and "Links" Gadgets.)

Default Gadget content is still defined from Layout mode (as it is presently.)

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