Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Run a Personal MediaWiki

This guide is about quickly running an offline Mediawiki in a virtual machine.

It can also serve as a first-time primer for using and communicating with a Linux server.

However, this guide is NOT an example of effective server management.

MediaWiki is a chore to set up and use, but I love its versatility too much to not have one for my own.

Install VirtualBox

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

Download TurnKey MediaWiki

Set Up Your Virtual Server

Open the downloaded file with Virtualbox.

Follow guided steps to create usernames and passwords.

Start and Stop VM from a Script or Launcher Icon

Your VM's name is in VirtualBox. Open VirtualBox, and select the VM. It appears on the right next to "Name:"

VBoxManage startvm "vm name" --type headless

VBoxManage controlvm "TURNKEY MEDIAWIKI" acpipowerbutton

See Your Wiki From Your Browser

Type your the VM IP address into the browser.

Interact with wiki by creating a user and a new page.

Interact With Virtual Server Remotely

Move a new logo to your server via scp.

Log in to edit LocalSettings.php via ssh.

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