Thursday, June 18, 2020

Personal Project Idea: GUI Command Center

The general idea is for a GUI that contains tabs for a few primary types of tasks. The GUI serves as training wheels for maintaining commonly run scripts for execution on your system

  • Scheduling and viewing scheduled custom scripts
  • Creation and Viewing buttons for commonly run scripts to be run from the GUI
  • Creation, Viewing, and Modular Modification of search scripts

Each tab will have a main front page with buttons to commonly run scripts. The tab will also have sub-tabs for script creation and saving, as well as a bank of stored scripts to elevate to the main page, or to run from the bank at any time.

Scheduling Tab

The scheduling tab will open up to a list of currently scheduled scripts.

One-time scheduled scripts will continue to show on the list, but will show if they have been run.

A bank of scripts with a schedule tag will be listed in the bank - for scripts that might be pertinent in the future.

A construction sub-tab will allow the user to select options for scheduling a given script daily, weekly, once, etc.

General Script Tab

The main page of the general script tab will show a series of buttons that one click in order to run a given script.

There will be a bank of scripts which can be run from the bank, or used to elevate a script to the main button page of the tab.

There will be a sub-tab for constructing and saving new scripts.

Search Tab

This is the most detailed construction kit of the 3 primary tabs.

The main page of this tab will show a script-construction interface.

There is a text box showing one single master script created by the interface. This shows whatever cli commands and regex are used to perform the search. Thus it trains the user on what the commands look like.

The interface consists of adding encapsulated sections with modular, individual search conditions.

The user presses a "plus" button to add a graphical section containing that search condition.

The user joins conditions with either "and" joiners, or "or" joiners.

The user surrounds conditions, or groups of conditions, with parenthesis in order to specify order of operations of said "and" and "or" joiners.

Individual search conditions include:

  • adding excluded/included directories
  • adding text inside the name of the file
  • specifying the beginning or ending of the name
  • specifying the file extension
  • specifying searching contents of files
  • etc.

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